Alkotók – Tsai Kun-Lin

Tsai Kun Lin

2004 Serve the post of assistant in International Art Camp Embodying the Scenery of Ecology of Juming Museum, and of England artist, Ivan Smith.
2003 Serve as team leader of site affairs of Sculpture Magnetic Field-Contemporary Art space
2000 Acquire Certificate of Fine Arts Teacher for Secondary School.
1999-2000 Teacher in Practicum, Fine Arts Teacher, and the Chief of Drill Education Sector, Hwa Kang Arts School, Taipei, Taiwan


2004 Honored with the first place of “Tien Sheng Award”and gained book reservation in National Sculpture category of The eighth Art Exhibition of Chia-Yi City
2004 Honored with the second place in sculpture category of the fifty-eighth Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts.
2004 Honored with the Excellent Selection Award in non-classified category of the second Tao Yuan Creative Work Award.
2003 Selected in the fifty-seventh Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition.
1999 Selected in the twenty-sixth Art Exhibition of Taipei City.


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